The Art of Chart Reading

The Art of Chart Reading: A Complete Guide for Day Traders and Swing Traders of Forex, Futures, Stock and Cryptocurrency Markets

By Lawrence Chan


By focusing heavily on the skills involved in the essential trading art of chart reading, Lawrence Chan manages to present a great offer to day traders and swing traders in all sorts of different markets. The book is written in an open and accessible way, although it is best suited to those who have a strong understanding of the basics of trading in place already.


Success in any of the many speculation markets available to modern traders is pretty much impossible without the ability to read charts, and it’s in this important regard where Lawrence Chan’s helpful and detailed chart reading guidebook comes into its own.

The book explains exactly how to get started: from price target prediction techniques to trend line analysis, no stone is left unturned. Unlike some less detailed alternatives, Chan’s work delves into the complexities of chart reading in a way that is accessible in style yet almost academic in substance.

The author is not afraid to tackle the meatier and more difficult aspects of chart reading, such as multiple timeframe analyses. What’s more, he also helpfully points out potential problems a trader might face – like the existence of too many patterns – and describes how to prevent and mitigate them.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that this book isn’t the easiest to get to grips with if you’re new. While Chan writes in a way that is easy to pick up, most of the content is tough to fully grasp unless you’ve already got a strong understanding of what the trading landscape looks like and how to navigate it.


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