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In our opinion, transparency is essential when it comes to the web, and so we want you to know we earn affiliate commissions when you click certain links on this site.

Learn CFDs is a labour of love. The love for trading. The love for helping people in the markets.

As such, you can be assured that the affiliate links provided on this site have been thoroughly vetted. We do our best to make sure all the services we promote are of a very high standard.

In nearly every case, the products we link to are products we have used or are currently using ourselves. That is the way we operate.

So you can know upfront, we will not be providing affiliate links for services we haven’t checked out or are using ourselves.

Another important point to note is all the information on this site is free.

It takes considerable time writing the content, editing the content, creating the videos, thinking of new content ideas and researching all the CFD and Forex offerings out there. We mean a lot of time. We are not exaggerating here.

The only way we earn any money from the site is through affiliate links. If the truth be told, LearnCFDs has been financing this whole thing for many years, providing free information to help traders move to the next level.

So in your travels around the site, feel free to click on the affiliate links, the hyperlinks and any banners on the site. Purchase a book through our links via Amazon.

If you do, we earn a small commission to help power this site forward and bring more content to your screens.

We’d be forever grateful if you were to click some links and purchase the services offered on this site.

If you have any questions regarding our affiliates, then please get in touch. We’ll help wherever we can.

Best of luck with your trading.


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