Stock Market Investing For Beginners

Stock Market Investing For Beginners – Everything You Need to Know to Start Stock Investing and Make Money in the Stocks

By David Morales


David Morales sets out his stall early with what he plans to achieve with his book, displaying intent that he can welcome in any reader looking to make moves in the stock market for the first time. While it will not shed any new light for experienced traders, it could well refresh a few key pointers. As for the novice trader, Morales covers all of the necessary topics to help anyone get started.


In this book David Morales looks to champion the idea of investing over saving money in a bank, saying that regardless of how low risk the approach is, it will still bear more fruit than how well a savings account will do against inflation.

The appropriate countermeasure according to this author, is to invest in the stock market, simply because it will always beat inflation, given that this is how the market tends to work.

Morales wants to show his readers that it is possible to start trading for the first time without losing the kind of money that would normally put so many people off, and mean they would feel they cannot use trading as a viable option to make money in stocks over a long period. By avoiding the common pitfalls and feeling confident in approach, there is the theory that with proper preparation, beginner’s luck should not wear off.

Starting off with the basics, including how the stock market works, keeps itself going, and how people actually make money, it then moves onto technical and fundamental trading aspects.

It follows this with an insight into learning which stocks are most appropriate at which time in the market, and how to develop an individual strategy that suits each reader’s personal intentions. For anyone looking to kick off a stock trading career, there is plenty to learn from this book.


Paperback: 143 pages

Publisher: Independently published (20 Sept. 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9781723852893

ISBN-13: 978-1723852893

ASIN: 1723852899