The Basics of Currency Trading and Stock Investing

  • By Learn CFDs

  • September 11, 2018
  • 1:23 am BST

Forex Trading: The Basics of Currency Trading and Stock Investing: Learn the Basics of Day Trading

By Peter Flynn


This purchase is a combination of two books by the author Peter Flynn. The first book looks at the basics of currency trading, while the second book looks at stock investing. The purpose of these books is to provide the necessary knowledge on day trading in either Forex or Stock trading and assist them with achieving financial success in the industry. The information provided in these books is a mixture of personal experience and knowledge. 


Peter Flynn designed the first book, surrounding Forex trading, for new traders looking to improve their trading skills and become successful. This book consists of three sections. The first is an introduction to currency trading and an overview of its history, as well as how exactly the market works. The second part covers finding a broker, finances and account advice, resources for further learning and how to get started. The third part moves on to three main strategies that can be used and how to implement them, along with 14 frequently asked Forex questions and their answers.

The second part of this purchase focuses on day trading in the stock market. Readers are given a look into the trading secrets of some of the world’s most successful traders. The aim of this book is to take effective concepts and techniques used by great traders, teach them to traders in a clear and simple manner, and learn to analyze real-life examples for future reference and broader understanding. All information provided in this title is meant to benefit traders and be implemented in their own trading to increase the potential for success.

Peter Flynn is a Forex and stock trader himself. His books are compiled from both personal experience and examples of other established traders. Buying this bundle together would only be beneficial to those who are looking to incorporate both types of investing. If not, the titles are also sold separately.



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Publication date/ year: June 2018

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