Do’s and Don’ts to Make Money Online Trading

CFDs: Forex: Do’s and Don’ts to Make Money Online Trading

By William Stanley


For those looking for an easy-to-follow format explaining what to do and not to do when it comes to forex trading, William Stanley has provided all the tools to learn what to expect and how not to react when it comes to making the big decisions. This book is suitable for beginners and those looking to brush up on their knowledge.


In the second edition of this book, William Stanley explains the basic ins and outs of forex trading and helps his readers avoid the most common pitfalls.

Starting off with clear definitions of what exactly forex trading is and why it holds an attraction to so many people worldwide, Stanley then moves on to the basic concepts of forex. Readers discover the different types of forex, currency pairs, which markets are best to get started with and the most important aspect of forex trading – knowing when to buy or sell at the right time.

Suggesting that anyone armed with a laptop, an internet connection, access to a trading platform and his book can begin to make inroads into successful trading, William Stanley’s effort centers itself around the key trading strategies and points of analysis. He includes those factors considered fundamental, the technical side of things, and the so-called sentimental analysis, which is how to emotionally manage the mind when things get difficult.

At the core of this book is the notion that the most important thing to do is to assess all the risks, which are ably explained along the way. On the other hand, the most important thing not to do is to make a poor decision when selecting a broker.

With key introductions to new terms and a checklist to guide readers along the right path, this book serves as a great starting point to come to grips with forex.


ISBN-10: 1530250218

ISBN-13: 978-1530250219

Format: Paperback

Length: 80 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 25 February 2016

Language: English