Zero to Hero in Forex Trading

Forex: Zero to Hero in Forex Trading

By Ross Wright


Aiming at the freelance side of things, Ross Wright looks to appeal to his readers to get involved in forex trading for a side of the easier life. This beginner’s guide is targeted at those hoping to find extra money in their lunchtime break from work and attempts to give readers the confidence to make wins in a short space of time. 


In Forex: Zero to Hero in Forex Trading, Ross Wright centers on the idea that being able to maintain some sort of fantasy or strong dream while forex trading can really help benefit and energize the hard work required to make a success of forex trading.

Wright tends to focus on providing more of an appealing worldview in order to make forex work for him and his readers, and this fits into the beach-side trader narrative that he describes. With an expectation that if his followers can translate an ability to read world markets effortlessly, then each time you see a piece of news, a trade should make itself easier. In short, it is more about the principles than it is about meticulously following strategies to the letter.

Aiming to encourage readers to take stock of those who really are making successes with forex trading, Wright wants others to be able to join him and these other individuals who either make it big or live out their dreams. As inspiration goes in forex trading, this book can provide a good read for those who want to dream big and make huge successes in forex through their own instincts.


ISBN-10: 1540777405

ISBN-13: 978-1540777409

Format: Paperback and digital

Length: 74 pages

Publisher: CreativeSpace Independent Publishing

Publication Date: 2 December 2016

Language: English