Trading Successfully For Beginners

Forex: Trading Successfully For Beginners: Build your Personal Finance and Wealth Today! Making Money with Forex Trading in a FEW MOMENTS!

By F.R. Commerce


This book is a typical, and very simple, forex guide for complete beginners. It explains exactly what forex is and how it works, defines commonly used terms and goes into the basics that all new forex traders need to know before they even consider forex as an option. It is not a comprehensive guide or how-to book and does not outline any detailed or actionable strategies for new forex traders.


In this book, the author aims to give a basic overview of forex trading for the complete beginner. Topics covered include how forex works, the major currencies and how to read a forex quote. Things like lots, leverage and pips are defined, and the differences between day trading, swing trading and position trading are explained.

The author also addresses other need-to-know information, such as selecting the right broker for you and identifying trends and patterns through basic market analysis. While most of the information in this book is freely available on the internet, this book is potentially useful for new traders who just want to be able to access this information all in one place and in a clearly laid-out format.

However, the title is misleading as the book certainly does not lay out how to make money with forex at all, much less ‘in a few moments.’ The book does not cover detailed forex strategies, and it would be fair to say readers will not be ready to trade after reading this book. However, for those considering a foray into forex trading but are coming from a background of zero knowledge of the topic, this can be a useful book.



Format: Kindle

Length: 70 pages

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Publication Date: August 17, 2014Language: English