The 1-Hour Trading Strategy Using Strong-Weak Analysis

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  • August 9, 2018
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CFDs: FOREX: The 1-Hour Trading Strategy Using Strong-Weak Analysis

By Forex Trader


With new traders often hard-pressed to find out which currencies rank better than others, the only recourse is trial and error. Luckily, Forex Trader has a book that discusses this specific concern in detail. The 1-Hour Trading Strategy using Strong-Weak Analysis aims to simplify currency analysis to help novice and advanced traders alike.


Looking for a forex book review that leads to a good instructional material on currency trading can be difficult. This task can become even more challenging when a trader wants to learn how to determine which currency pairs make the most profit on a certain day or week. The good news is, traders can now improve their knowledge on this particular topic with help from Forex Trader’s book.

While it is one of many books to cover this subject matter, The 1-Hour Trading Strategy using Strong-Weak Analysis is concise, insightful, and does not fail to discuss the intricacies of currency trading. The book has three sections, including currency strength analysis and its role in a forex trader’s decision-making process. Knowing how to rank which currency is strongest and which ones are weakest can give traders insight as to which currencies they should keep and which ones they should sell.

Apart from currency strength analysis, this book has a section dedicated to multi-frame analysis and how it can be used to optimize entries and exits. It also includes a trading plan which involves five steps that traders can follow to ensure success or at the very least, eliminate risks. This can be a helpful resource for traders who would like to master currency strength analysis




Format: Kindle Edition


Publisher: NA

Publication Date: 2017

Language: English