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Ever wanted to predict the future price of a stock or CFD? Technical analysis may help you.

Technical analysis is simply the study of price and volume data on various stocks in an attempt to determine what the price might do in the future. Tecnical analysis can be applied over all time frames and many short term traders rely on technical analysis solely for the entry and exit decision making.

There are hundreds of Technical analysis books to choose from but the classics are the ones you want to start with. Below we have compiled a list of the classic or most highly regarded technical analysis books to get you started.

Keep in mind you are going to have to set aside some quality time when learning technical analysis as it takes some disciplined study and application but the rewards can be quite amazing. For some, technical analysis has paved their way to financial freedom through trading the worlds stock markets. Who knows what might come of this venture if you really set your mind to it.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the most highly recommended technical analysis books. Take your time and be sure to invest regularly in your ongoing education as a trader. It will certainly pay dividends down the track.


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