Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs

Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs: An Australian Guide to Trading Contracts for Difference

By Jeff Cartridge


In this book, Jeff Cartridge gives excellent insight and guidance for any CFD traders who want to make an entry into the world of CFD trading. His book is aimed at those wanting to learn, and he teaches in a trading language that is easily understandable – even to complete beginners. Cartridge has a lot to share on this subject and his book is invaluable when starting out in the field of CFD trading.


Supercharge your Trading with CFDs introduces the reader to the reasons behind trading a derivative product and differentiates the main points of why trading CFDs is beneficial over trading other forms of derivatives, such as options and warrants.

The author, one of the most respected in the stock market industry, has extensive experience in the world of CFD trading, having tried and tested many strategies over the years. He deals with the detail in a very accessible manner, guiding the reader towards a clearer understanding of trading CFDs.

The main topics that the book covers are the explanation as to why CFD trading is so attractive, basic CFD trading strategies, and the risks relating to this trading model. Cartridge engages with the risks related to the stock market, offering guidance on how to avoid these pitfalls and how to trade responsibly.

He covers a wide range of strategies, namely day trading, short-term trading, medium-term investing, pairs trading, dividend plays, hedging, index stripping/tilting and seasonal trading patterns. There is most definitely something for everyone to learn in this book.

Cartridge is brutally honest that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and encourages long-term planning and building one’s confidence in the market. Knowledge is wealth and he emphasizes that all the way through the book. This is the book to have on your shelf if you want to get involved in CFD trading and gain a clear understanding of it.


ISBN-10: 1740311493

ISBN-13: 978-1740311493

Format: Paperback

Length: 200 pages

Publisher: Wrightbooks

Publication Date: December 14, 2006

Language: English