Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease 

  • By Luke Andresen

  • September 11, 2018
  • 1:19 am BST

FOREX TRADING: Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease 

By Stephen Benjamin


This Forex guide is the first part in a series of titles discussing “Forex Made Easy.” For this first book, the focus is on understanding and recognizing trends in charts tracking the Forex market. Once this is achieved, traders can use this understanding to develop strategies. A variety of example strategies are provided which allow traders to make decisions based on these trends and how they affect the market and personal trades.


Within the three brief chapters that make up FOREX TRADING: Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease the reader will be made familiar with determining up trends and down trends when analysing market movement over a certain period of time. The focus then shifts to the suitable strategies based on this trend analysis. The guide is short and concise, making it best for absolute beginner traders in the Forex industry.

Although this guide claims to contain the only knowledge necessary for successful Forex trading, it should be looked at with an open mind and with the understanding that various methods work, not solely those covered in the book. In addition, beginners should be open to further learning regarding the Forex market. This book only looks at one aspect of Forex trading and should be used in conjunction with other trading guide resources.

The author, Stephen Benjamin, is a full-time professional trader in the Forex market. His aim with this book is to provide traders with basic yet effective strategies that can simplify their trading while still producing profitable results. Throughout the content of this book, the author hopes to help everyday traders earn money without using extensive analysis or tools such as indicators. Therefore, the information provided serves the purpose of reducing complication, eliminating losses and boosting profits while trading in the Forex markets.



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