Proven Forex Trading Money Making Strategy – Just 30 Minutes a Day

Forex Trading: This Book Includes- Forex Trading: A Beginner’s Guide, Forex Trading: Proven Forex Trading Money Making Strategy – Just 30 Minutes a Day

By Branden Lee


This is a detailed book full of lots of different strategies, and there’s plenty of informative content available for traders both new and experienced. However, there is a risk that it downplays the level of effort required – so if you read it, it’s worth remembering that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to succeed by putting in just half an hour per day!


Trading strategies are hard to master, especially when you’re new to the profession. Branden Lee’s book is handy if you need to find out more about a range of different ways to do it. There are over 50 trading strategies noted in this book, which means you certainly won’t run out.

In fact, it’s essentially a compendium of trading strategies all condensed into one book. Lee doesn’t scrimp on detail, either: there are over 200 pages of content available in this book, which works out to an average of four or more pages per strategy. And with Branden Lee enjoying a range of past finance writing credentials on topics ranging from blockchain to day trading, he’s clearly in the know.

However, there are some clear downsides to this book as well. It claims to offer the chance to master trading in just half an hour a day, but in reality there are very few traders who actually successfully trade forex in this timeframe – especially those who have just started out. In reality, it takes longer – so if you’re a new trader who is not yet wise to some of the more outlandish claims, it’s wise to avoid this book or to take its promises with a pinch of salt.


Format: Paperback

Length: 220 pages

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication date: 12th May 2018

Language: English