Price Action Breakdown

  • By Learn CFDs

  • September 11, 2018
  • 12:32 am BST

By Laurentiu Damir


Laurentiu Damir’s Price Action Breakdown concentrates on price action analysis. It covers the fundamentals of price action trading and the different concepts and methods that traders need to learn in order to effectively apply this type of analysis in a range of financial markets. This book is a definitive guide to relying on price action movements alone.


Price Action Breakdown teaches traders how to trade through price action movements and, in a sense, teaches them to abandon other tools. Damir offers proven price action techniques to help traders make informed decisions that will enhance their future trading success. The techniques included in Price Action Breakdown also make it possible for traders to determine when a particular trend will end as well as find out what the next trend will be.

Damir’s book is invaluable as it can help traders see the big picture every time they trade. The author even includes exclusive information on how to find out where the market will go next by taking a look at the footprints of market movers.

What separates Price Action Breakdown by Laurentiu Damir from other trading references is the fact that it concentrates on price action analysis alone. The book showcases Damir’s knowledge about the technique and successfully covers every detail on how to use it. The author’s approach is quite straightforward. In fact, he notes from the very beginning that this material is for analytical traders and not for traders who want to automate their trades or those who want to rely solely on indicators to make their decisions. Damir is very thorough in this book, which is just one reason why this forex book review gives it a thumbs up. However, it offers more than just thoroughness; it gives traders the opportunity to become versatile traders who are confident about the accuracy of their trading decisions.




Format: Kindle

Length: 131 pages

Publisher:  NA

Publication Date: February 20, 2016

Language: English