Investing Demystified: How to Create the Best Investment Portfolio Whatever Your Risk Level

  • By Noah Schumacher

  • November 14, 2018
  • 3:51 am BST

Investing Demystified: How to Create the Best Investment Portfolio Whatever Your Risk Level

By Lars Kroijer


In this relatively short but nonetheless incredibly insightful book, Lars Kroijer deftly cuts through the jargon, gimmicks and industry noise to convey to readers the deceptively simple truths of smart investing. By doing so, Kroijer runs very much against the mainstream, preferring simple principles rather than complex strategies. The end result is an easily digestible book that should be read and reread by novice and veteran investors alike.


Building a balanced portfolio that also performs well can be an incredibly daunting task for new and seasoned investors alike. In this book, however, Lars Kroijer provides a lucid overview of how to build a well-diversified portfolio with the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash to create a consistently performing portfolio. He also gives readers the right information to assess their own risk profile, something that is foundational to any successful trading or investment strategy, along with ways of incorporating this assessment into an investment portfolio. Also covered are strategies for minimizing the costs of a portfolio and how to figure out the tax implications it might have.

In choosing these topics to write on, Kroijer gives the reader an overview of how to build an investment portfolio that is tailored to their specific needs. Kroijer presents this information in a lucid, jargon-free, and easy-to-understand format, along the way debunking many of the common myths about investing that serve to confuse novice investors. He does this by distilling the essence of smart investing, which transcends the latest fads and gimmicky strategies: diversify your portfolio and keep it simple and low maintenance.

Although none of the insights provided in this book are particularly ground-breaking, this does not take away from their continued relevance, and new and experienced readers of this forex book review would be wise to take heed.


ISBN-10: 1292156120

ISBN-13: 978-1292156125

Format: Paperback

Length: 272 pages

Publisher: FT Publishing International

Publication Date: May 4, 2017

Language: English