Investing: 6 Books in 1

Investing: 6 Books in 1 (Stock Market Investing, Options Trading, Penny Stocks, Forex Trading, Real Estate Investing & Rental Property Investing) 

By G. Smith


With a whopping six books rolled into one offering, G. Smith looks to cover every angle of trading for beginners and those looking for a new angle with their investments. From learning how the stock market works to getting involved with rental properties, there is a lot to take on here, and the likelihood is that there should be something that suits everyone, regardless of trading experience.


Not every investing guide will end up covering forex trading as well as real estate, but G. Smith does not seem worried about that. Across six different volumes, readers will find a huge stash of information to delve into, discovering everything from investing in the stock market to buying up houses to rent out.

Of course, although these may sound like entirely different things, Smith would argue they are all intrinsically linked. Given that the financial markets tend to move in cycles, there is, in fact, little that would move the stock market and not budge the housing ladder in some way. When investors get nervous, they tend to run from riskier stocks and indices into housing.

When it comes to what to do when markets are bullish, Smith aims to have that covered too, spanning as much information as he can into the forex trading volume, as he shows that whatever interest the reader may have in trading and investing, it is worth learning about as much of it as possible.

By laying out how everything is linked together and how any individual can capitalize on all of this, it helps to produce a really well-rounded trader who is unlikely to get stuck by the pitfalls of any one market, because they know how to diversify their asset holdings. For someone looking to branch out, this one probably has most of it covered.


Paperback: 426 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (26 Sept. 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9781977668523

ISBN-13: 978-1977668523

ASIN: 1977668526