How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets

How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets, A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Forex Trading: Understanding the Psychology and Strategies of Big Banks and Institutions

By Zack Zarr


In this beginner’s guide to forex trading, the author clearly sets out the basics of trading the international currency markets and explains exactly why small individual investors need to pay attention to what the big market players are doing. By studying the trading strategies of big banks and other institutions, Zarr provides private investors with a way to increase their chances of trading profitably.


Zack Zarr takes an attitude of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ in this book, which teaches forex traders how to get inside the heads of their corporate competitors and understand their trading decisions. The author explains concepts and strategies clearly and provides examples to illustrate his points.

As promised in the title, this book takes a look at the psychology as well as the strategies traders need to understand in order to make a success of forex trading in a 21st century, global economy. The book is written primarily for new and inexperienced traders, but many more experienced traders may also be interested in Zarr’s take on the currency markets and how to leverage the moves and decisions of those entities big enough to actually influence the markets.

One criticism of this book is the quality of the writing and editing. As with many forex and CFD books, there seems to have been more emphasis on providing information than on editing to provide clear, grammatically correct, error-free prose. An editor might also have spotted some obvious problems with the illustrations, such as referring to red and blue lines on charts that were ultimately reproduced in black and white.


ISBN-10: 1980450722

ISBN-13: 978-1980450726

Format: Paperback

Length: 178 pages

Publisher: Independently published

Publication Date: March 7, 2018

Language: English