How to Day Trade Forex for Profit

  • By Learn CFDs

  • September 5, 2018
  • 12:49 am BST

By Harvey Walsh


This book is a step by step manual for newcomers, it explains the basics of stock market trades in straightforward terms for people with little or no experience. After dealing with the essentials of buying and selling for profit, Walsh moves on to more complex methods of trading, including risk-free investments and a set of 14 golden rules which can be put to use immediately.


This highly readable book is aimed at newcomers to day trading who want to cut out some of the trial and error involved. It covers a range of basic principles which can be found elsewhere but condenses these ideas down, presenting them without excessive use of specialist language. For people who are considering their first foray into CFDs and investments, this book will provide an invaluable introduction.

Harvey Walsh is a trader and author with four other titles under his belt, each focusing on a different aspect of trading. He has a website with videos to go with each book and he regularly shares profit making ideas on his YouTube account. Having left his day job, Walsh now concentrates on producing easy to follow guides, written in a way that is both fun and informative.

Including insights which touch upon the influence of human psychology as a market mover, Walsh looks at the underlying reasons for success and failure, as well as the best times to buy or sell. Our forex book review found he also examines how the stock market works, as well as different ways of trading and includes exercises to build confidence.

Throughout How to Day Trade Forex for Profit, Walsh emphasizes the importance of simplicity, rejecting the need for multiple charts and formulas in predicting price changes. He encourages new students to devote time to this endeavor without expecting immediate rewards, pointing out that trading is not a get rich quick scheme, more a progression toward ever higher returns.



Format: Kindle or paperback

Length: 211 pages

Publisher: Shelfless; 4.01 edition

Publication Date: 12 January 2011

Language: English