How to Become a Self-Directed Day Trader

By Joe Soldi


Joe Soldi’s book on day trading offers practical information for beginners who would like to have an in-depth understanding of trading in general. How to Become a Self-Directed Day Trader’s sole purpose is to give beginners knowledge on what they should not do once they start trading, valuable information that traditionally takes years to learn.


Soldi’s How to Become a Self-Directed Day Trader is an invaluable resource, but before purchasing the eBook, it is a good idea to read this forex book review in full.

Joe Soldi’s eBook is useful for traders who would like to learn from the mistakes of those who came before them. How to Become a Self-Directed Day Trader is like a bible for new traders, because the book contains useful information that every beginner needs. Soldi is candid and honest when talking about the market and reiterates throughout the book that learning how to trade successfully is easy to do if traders are taught the right techniques and given the right knowledge from the very beginning of their careers.

Soldi believes that learning common trading errors is a good foundation for novice traders because it can help them avoid costly mistakes and help them make money faster. He also notes that he learned trade and investment concepts that were not useful in the live market and he needed to unlearn an estimated 95% of what he studied about trading. Soldi adds that many beginners are given useless and unrealistic information and techniques.

This book can expedite the novice trader’s learning curve and help him or her make a profit as fast as possible. Although aimed at traders with zero experience, the contents of this book are also helpful for those who have been trading for a long time as it can work as a refresher course for common trading errors.




Format: Kindle

Length: 186 pages

Publisher:  NA

Publication Date: 2015

Language: English