High Probability Forex Breakout Trades That Are Easy to Spot

CFDs: High Probability Forex Breakout Trades That Are Easy to Spot by Corey Bricker


In his book High Probability Forex Breakout Trades That Are Easy to Spot, author Corey Bricker addresses the concerns of frustrated traders looking for a forex trade setup that doesn’t require special analysis. The author offers smart ways to trade and promises to impart information about the one real secret of successful traders. Bricker’s main aim is to provide a shortcut to what could otherwise be a difficult and long journey to successful trading.


Bricker’s short, simple book helps eliminate the learning curve that most traders go through before making a profit. But traders will need a thorough understanding of forex trading and the anatomy of breakout trading before applying the strategies he outlines. It is obvious that Bricker put a lot of thought and research into this book, and his efforts have been recognized by several positive forex book reviews.

One major criticism of this book is the charts, which can be difficult to see. Bricker also gets flak from mentioning Dan Gaub, one of his mentors, but this issue is addressed in the 34-page eBook to ensure that it does not cast doubts about the lessons that Bricker wants to share with other traders.

While the material focuses on a challenging subject matter, Bricker has managed to simplify breakout trades with a focus on how to spot high-probability trades. It is important to note that traders planning to read this book will need prior knowledge about breakout trades in general and must understand its context. Otherwise, some of the concepts or ideas will be difficult to understand.

With an aim of helping forex traders save time, energy, and money, this book offers ideas on how to eliminate risks and increase profits. Bricker also shares smart currency trading moves that advanced traders are likely to appreciate.




Format: Kindle Edition

Length: 34 pages

Publisher:  Forex-Breakout-Trading

Publication Date: 2013

Language: English