FX Trading for Beginners Definitive Guide

  • By Luke Andresen

  • September 11, 2018
  • 12:23 am BST

By Nelson Mitchell


Nelson Mitchell’s 222-page book is a complete guide for novice traders who would like to trade currencies. A book armed with a number of graphs, FX Trading for Beginners Definitive Guide covers trading theory and the fundamentals of currency trading. It also has lengthy explanations about the basics of technical analysis, candlestick analysis, money management, and trading strategies.


FX Trading for Beginners Definitive Guide is about the fascinating world of the currency market and financial markets as a whole. It starts with basics like trading theory and a definition of currencies and goes on to answer questions about the forex market and how it came to be. However, before you buy this eBook, it is a good idea to read this forex book review in full.

While FX Trading for Beginners Definitive Guide is quite long, it is worth every trader’s time because apart from covering the fundamentals and history of the financial market, the author also teaches his readers how to earn money through currency trading by providing entertaining examples.

This book is a comprehensive guide that tackles the small details that other books often neglect. This includes the opening hours of the forex marketplace in different parts of the world and the best hours for trading. Mitchell also explains basic analysis-related concepts that new traders must learn. He covers gross domestic product, industrial production, retail sales, interest rates announcements and everything in between.

This book is so thorough that it also touches on Brexit and how it has affected the currency market. Mitchell even details the roles of private traders, multinationals, central banks, and merchant banks. FX Trading for Beginners Definitive Guide also provides insights on bulls and bears, market sentiment, and trading volumes. With so many topics outlined, it makes a good reference for novice traders and advanced traders alike.




Format: Kindle

Length: 222 pages

Publisher:  NA

Publication Date: Unknown

Language: English