From Zero To Your Desired Lifestyle (101 Trading)

From Zero To Your Desired Lifestyle (101 Trading): A personal guide to getting started with trading by two young traders

By Khanh Le and Casandra Wang


This trading guide is a short and simple introduction to the various aspects of trading from the perspective of two young, yet successful, traders. The guide covers brief advice regarding basic trading, the possible benefits of trading, tried-and-tested methods, and tips and tricks chosen by the authors. Each section provides information and insights for those trading in stocks, CFDs, forex and equities.


Young traders Khanh Le and Casandra Wang share their personal trade experiences and advice in this short guide for beginners looking for success in investing. It is a self-confessed “guidance book” rather than an education tool and is aimed at new traders hoping to make money in the industry from the onset of their trade careers. Rather than principles and theory, the books offers insight into the personal journey of trading practices.

The book begins with an overview of what exactly trading entails and requires, from buying and selling to the various types of markets (such as bearish and bullish) and market trends. These concepts are not covered in great detail. Instead, each idea is allocated a brief explanation to provide readers with a basic idea of the content and techniques mentioned.

The authors are both young, independent traders who started out early and have recorded key techniques and methods that have proven beneficial in their trades and transactions. The goal behind the book is to assist and guide young traders like themselves in navigating through the markets with the use of their self-discovered trading keys.

The kindle format and short length make it an easy and convenient read for beginner traders looking for a fast trading advice resource. This guide is not a full compilation of everything that traders need to know for successful trading. However, it does provide enlightening concepts and strategies to bear in mind when traders plan their own strategies and technical moves for the future.



Publisher: 101 Trading

Publication date: March 21, 2016

Language: English

Format: Kindle edition

Print length: 13 pages

File size: 697 KB