Forex Trading: Ultimate Beginner Guide

  • By Learn CFDs

  • September 11, 2018
  • 12:09 am BST

By Samuel Rees


Samuel Rees’ Forex Trading: Ultimate Beginner Guide offers three books in one. This includes a guide, a crash course, and a third book on techniques that can help traders make money fast. This book package focuses on the stock market and how novice traders can trade via a currency exchange medium.


Samuel Rees’ book tackles the fundamentals of currency trading including the different players in the financial market, the stocks a trader can trade and the best time to trade them. Although this sounds promising, reading this forex book review in full is encouraged.

A book aimed at providing all the information a novice trader needs, Forex Trading: Ultimate Beginner Guide also explains what pips are and how a pip spread can be used. The first book, titled A Beginner Guide, addresses common mistakes that new traders make and also includes practical information on fundamental strategies and technical strategies. This book also has insights on what Rees deems as the best trading strategy out there.

The second book, also referred to by Rees as the crash course, focuses on how forex trading operates. According to Rees, having this knowledge can ensure that traders never experience being behind the curve. Apart from this, Rees also discusses tactics that traders can apply immediately. The third book, on the other hand, offers the best techniques that traders can use to ensure cash flow.

This is a relatively decent read and it is quite thorough. However, it is a bit repetitive considering that the books mostly discuss the same concepts about forex trading. But it is still a good idea to take a peek because this will give you more information on whether Samuel Rees’ Ultimate Beginner Guide is right for you or not.




Format: Kindle

Length: 172 pages

Publisher:  NA

Publication Date: Unknown

Language: English