Forex Trading Decoded

Forex Trading Decoded – Insider’s Guide to Price Action 

By William Simpson


This Forex trading guide provides insight into the use of Price Action as a tool for successful trading. Within forex trading are many techniques and methods for market analysis. This guide shows both new and experienced traders how to effectively implement the tools price charting and price action in order to improve trades and maximize profits. With the information in this book, those learning Forex can build on their knowledge and grow as traders.


William Simpson is a Forex trader who manages funds and trades on behalf of private clients. Through his trading career, he has learned a collection of skills which he shares in this book. He acknowledges that his skills and advice can be useful, but each trader must make the most of this knowledge in order to become a professional trader. Rather than focus on too many aspects in this guide, which can be used with formal studies or self-learning, he advises a simpler approach.

Forex Trading Decoded – Insider’s Guide to Price Action is divided into six sections covering various essential methods of identifying keys and implementing strategies. These sections consist of steps which assist traders with identifying trends, levels, momentum, developing good entry and exit trades, and understanding the importance of risk management.

The aim of this guide is to assist traders with using price charts and identifying actions without the use of indicators. Additionally, readers will find information on cycles of the markets and what they mean, as well as an insider look at the author’s live account and the verified statistics and examples of his trades.

Overall the content is straightforward and easy to understand, which is with the intention of having the reader grasp all this information in only 20 pages. This guide should be used simply as one guide among many, as it is concise and specific to price action, which can be limiting when looking for a fuller coverage of Forex trading information.



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Publication date/ year: 26 September 2017

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