Forex Trading Breakout Systems

  • By Luke Andresen

  • September 3, 2018
  • 8:49 pm BST

Forex Trading Breakout Systems – Trading Breakout Systems Successfully and Profitably 

By Corvin Codirla


For people who require a clear perspective on currency trading, this book makes sense of the markets and forex in particular. Codirla provides an explanation of breakout trading and gives direction on setting up strategies to manage risk. Including real-world examples and easy to follow systems, he provides a solid starting point for new investors and may even inspire veteran traders to replicate his methods.


Breakout trading is considered an adventurous way of investing by many, but for readers who are keen to stretch their wings a little, Corvin Codirla has produced a concise guide as to what can be a profitable opportunity. Breakouts are difficult to predict, but in this book, readers will learn to monitor trading volumes and global events to identify when an asset may reach a resistance level.

Corvin Codirla is an established forex investor with over 13 years of experience. Having started his career in investment banking, he moved on to hedge fund management, before branching out to writing guides for ambitious new traders. Our forex book review found that Codirla also maintains a website packed with information, guides and tools relating to the forex markets.Covering the ways in which both trades and money need to be managed, this book focusses on how these techniques are used in breakouts. Codirla explains that a deep understanding of market performance can give CFD investors the ability to quickly spot a breakout, as the price of an asset becomes far higher or lower than ever before. He discusses the methods used by an elite group of traders known as The Turtles, then examines the way breakouts can occur over the course of a week or day.

Forex Trading: Forex Trading Breakout Systems – Trading Breakout Systems Successfully and Profitably provides logical advice for people who are ready to gain a fuller understanding of this method. Packed with practical tips, it is a great reference book for new or seasoned investors who want to try a new setup.



Format: Kindle

Length: 62 pages

Publisher: John Liberty Press; 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 6 July 2013

Language: English