Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Forex

  • By Luke Andresen

  • September 11, 2018
  • 12:34 am BST

By Andrew Johnson


The Ultimate Guide to Forex offers trading secrets that result in profits. The book arms traders with the tools to help them stick around in currency trading for the long-term. The information shared by Andrew Johnson includes dos and don’ts, a discussion about fundamental and technical analyses and their differences, and a number of lesser-known strategies that can help traders achieve success.


Andrew Johnson’s The Ultimate Guide to Forex offers a discussion about the different trading strategies used by professional traders on a daily basis. Johnson expounds on these strategies to allow traders of all skill levels to get an idea as to how they work and where and when they can be applied.

With a very straightforward writing style, Johnson immediately gives readers an idea of what information they will find in his book. Apart from trading strategies, the author also shares his knowledge about volume indicators that traders of any level can utilize while in the live market.

While this forex book review of The Ultimate Guide to Forex sounds promising, it is important to note that Johnson makes a lot of promises right from the very start of the material. He refers to the indicators included in the book as “the best”, for example, and also mentions trading tips that can improve every trader’s success “virtually overnight.” These are tall orders, but Johnson does address the fundamentals of forex trading thoroughly while ensuring that the reader does not forget the big picture. He also indicates that he is sure of these indicators and tips because of his experience in the industry.

Johnson is also the author of Day Trading: Quick Starters Guide to Day Trading.


ISBN-10: 1547071168


Format: Kindle

Length: 156 pages

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Language: English