Forex: The Holy Grail

By Simone Siesto


Simone Siesto looks to paint a picture with her book, with a focus on beginners who wish to find a story and background as part of their journey into forex trading. This book also comes with clear strategies and explanations of complex terms to break down the journey to forex success.


Accompanied by the tagline ‘A travel searching for the holy grail in forex trading’, it may make sense that this effort from Simone Siesto is packed full of interesting metaphors and insights likening the quest to finding consistent success in forex trading to finding the holy grail or some sort of ancient artifact seen in films. For this take alone, it is unlikely to be seen as a dull read by many.

Indeed, many forex trading books can seem pretty similar in title, general outset and the list of promises they put on the table for each reader.

In what may be a welcome change, Forex: The Holy Grail offers readers a different kind of insight. With strategies based loosely in metaphors of journeys, soul seeking and quests to find the ultimate goal, the book starts off with a thorough background in the main classical financial tools to explain how the currency pairing markets have worked over time.

Siesto then carries on to her 15 golden rules of forex trading, which can be seen as something like the quest for hidden treasure, as long as the map is followed to the letter.

For those looking for a different way into the jargon and technical nature of much of the initiation to forex trading, this book could provide a helpful entry point.


ISBN-10: 1532708378

ISBN-13: 978-1532708374

Format: Paperback and digital

Length: 142 pages

Publisher: CreativeSpace Independent Publishing

Publication Date: 11 April 2016

Language: English