FOREX: The Complete Beginner’s Trading Course

FOREX: The Complete Beginner’s Trading Course: Designed with the Novice Trader in Mind 

By Lode Maria Loyens


This title is a guide crafted for complete beginners in the Forex trading industry. In this guide, Lode Maria Loyens caters to those looking to get started in Forex trading but who might not have the necessary skills or knowledge for immediate or potential success. Traders can learn simple yet effective strategies to move forward in their trading careers and work toward making profitable trades with the information provided by this book.


FOREX: The Complete Beginner’s Trading Course: Designed with the Novice Trader in Mind was written by Lode Maria Loyens, who has 10 years experience as a Forex trader. Loyens has collected her knowledge through experience to formulate an easy method of Forex trading understanding, allowing traders to learn a few of the basics before getting started. It acts as a trading course in the basics of Forex trading and the techniques that go with it to make it a lucrative form of self-employment.

This trading guide is aimed entirely at beginners in the Forex trading industry. From the author’s experience, novice traders can learn the foundations of trading through self-learning and a wide range of examples, which allow the reader to grasp each concept. Because it is aimed at new traders, the content is reader-friendly and easy to follow and grasp, while still being informative and useful.

The content covered includes analyzing and recognizing market trends advantageous to Forex trading. It also discusses the methods used for recognizing the opportunity for good trades and how to plan a trade move that holds high potential for success. In addition, traders will learn how to manage possible risks and implement steps to avoid losses. This allows new traders to explore various methods and find what works for them in their own trades, as well as continue to progress in their trading as they learn and grow in the industry. Although brief and concise, the information in this book can be beneficial if used correctly under the right circumstances.


ISBN-10: 1976854199

ISBN-13: 978-1976854194

Format: Paperback

Length: 49 pages

Publisher: Self-published

Publication date: 11 January 2018

Language: English