Day Trading for a Living

  • By Learn CFDs

  • November 20, 2018
  • 3:47 am BST

Day Trading for a Living: 5 Expert Systems to Navigate the Stock Market

By Leigh Vernon


In this short and punchy book, Leigh Vernon provides a concise overview of five trading systems that will give the reader the tools to put themselves in the top 10% of investors. Although it is a short text, this is an essential book that is a must-read for any novice trader.


In writing this book, Leigh Vernon seeks to provide readers with the skills and knowhow to put themselves in the top 10% of investors. He does this by giving the reader an in-depth walk-through of five expert strategies that will allow traders to navigate the ups and downs of the markets at their most volatile.

The information contained in these strategies will show readers the top indicators that allow the reader to spot trend reversals as they emerge – something vital to maximizing gains and minimizing losses in both the long and short term. Vernon also emphasizes the importance of identifying entry and exit points in whatever strategy is adopted – something often overlooked by beginners when they look to test a new system. Also emphasized is the importance of carefully selecting a market and the desired timeframes – another essential element to any successful trading strategy.

Vernon’s book would make an excellent resource for new day traders who are looking to get started trading full-time. It goes over not just the technical strategies, but also the emotional and psychological ones. These are particularly important for newer day traders, who can easily get dragged into downward spirals when things don’t go precisely as planned. Written in a lucid and easy-to-read style, Vernon does an excellent job of making an incredibly technical subject easy to digest. Running to only 34 pages long, this is a low-commitment, highly useful book that makes a great addition to any fledgling forex book review reader’s library.


ISBN-10: 171997604X

ISBN-13: 978-1719976046

Format: Paperback/Kindle

Length: 34 pages

Publisher: Independently published

Publication Date: August 30, 2018

Language: English