CFD-Trading Simplified

By Daniel Schütz


Written in German by Daniel Schütz, an experienced trader and specialist in pattern and formation analysis, CFD-Trading Simplified is a promising book that disentangles the difficulties associated with CFD trading. Schütz shows traders and investors how to trade in a variety of asset classes and how they can use CFDs to their advantage.


Working as a coach for rookie and advanced traders, Schütz’s talent in simplifying trading topics that are often hard to understand is reflected in this book. In fact, he even notes on page 7 that he is an advocate of simplicity, adding that a successful trader is someone who has mastered the basics.

Schütz acknowledges the skepticism about CFDs and gives a convincing argument that this often stems from a lack of knowledge about the financial derivative. In CFD-Trading Simplified, Schütz makes sure that every bit of information about Contracts for Difference are explained thoroughly and supported by a range of examples. He shows readers the common mistakes that traders make when dealing with CFDs and also delves into the importance of a trader’s psychology in successful trading.

Informative and insightful, CFD-Trading Simplified offers a comprehensive lesson about the fundamentals of trading commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. It is also infused with the wisdom of experienced practitioners such as Erdal Cene, Andreas Braun and Michael Voigt. Merged with the knowledge of certified technical analyst and forex trader Daniel Schütz, CFD-Trading Simplified is a good resource for traders and private investors who would like to either refresh their knowledge about CFDs or those who would like to get an idea of how successful traders trade and learn what their secrets are.

Aimed to enhance the trading knowledge of all types of traders, Schütz’s book offers a thorough understanding of CFDs that traders usually only learn after decades of trading.


ISBN-10: 3898798631

ISBN-13: 978-3898798631

Format: Paperback

Length: 192 pages

Publisher: Münchner Verlasgruppe GmbH

Publication Date: 2015

Language: German