Better Strategies to Increase Gains and Reduce Losses 

CFDs: Forex Trading Strategies: Better Strategies to Increase Gains and Reduce Losses 

By Paul Serafin


With a distinct lack of potentially over-aweing promises, this book by Paul Serafin looks to go beyond vast claims and provide each reader with a clear and more personal aim – to improve their own trading results through better strategies. With usefulness to those at both ends of the trading journey, this book shines a clearer light on getting started and provides new insights to take the next step.


This forex book review looks at Forex Trading Strategies: Better Strategies to Increase Gains and Reduce Losses by Paul Serafin. By covering the core aspects of forex trading, and how to utilize the best strategies to get ahead and improve trading performance, this book aims to do exactly what the title suggests.

The most important aspects that Serafin claims to cover include learning what the best forex strategies are for entry to the market, applying the best stop loss decisions, and knowing when to take a profit at the right time.

Alongside this, the book also focuses on planning trades in advance so that each reader would know exactly when to enter the market. It then goes on to look at the essentials and offers some key tips to take trading performance up to the next level, whichever step each individual happens to be on at the time.

Serafin maintains that while many traders will pick the right markets naturally, and will manage to find wins in trading, not so many of them will know when to pull out of the trade and secure profit at the right time.

Suitable for those looking to hone their forex trading ability and produce much more consistent wins on a daily basis as well as those just starting out, these strategies are likely to help many readers find their trading focus.


ISBN-10: 171904144X

ISBN-13: 978-1719041447

Format: Paperback

Length: 60 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Publication Date: May 12, 2018

Language: English