Best Forex Trading Strategies for High Profit and Reduced Risk

Forex: Strategies – Best Forex Trading Strategies for High Profit and Reduced Risk

By Matthew Maybury


Matthew Maybury’s important forex strategy text is ideal for people at all experience levels. For those just starting out, it can help with everything from explanations of key forex trading concepts to basic strategies to employ when making your first few trades. For intermediate traders looking to scale up their forex trading skills, strategies ranging from moving average to pivot point are explored in detail.


Matthew Maybury’s book is a truly wide-ranging work, and it’s one that manages to cram as much information – both strategy and context-related – into a relatively small amount of space.

A variety of different strategies are explored in the book, including price action, scalping and the turtle strategy. But unlike the many other forex strategy books available on the market today, Maybury goes further by also placing foreign exchange trading into its proper context and explaining why it is the way it is. From the history of foreign exchange trading to clear and concise explanations of key concepts, very few stones are left unturned.

At 79 pages, the book is the ideal length as it manages to cover a lot of ground without overwhelming the newest of traders. It also focuses on the additional skills required to develop a strong forex trading career, including everything from money management skills for forex traders to ways that you can cut down on the chances of a loss.

Maybury also recognizes that some traders are simply in the business for a semi-recreational, part-time activity rather than a full-time job, and as a result he tailors his advice to those who may prefer to dip in and out of the forex world.


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