Beginner Trader – How To Trade CFDs

Beginner Trader – How To Trade CFDs and the AIM Market – My Experience

By Charles Scotney-Cavendish


As a rich and detailed book full of precise advice and specific information, Charles Scotney-Cavendish has created a work that’s useful for everyone no matter what stage of their CFD trading career they’re at – especially given that it allows the reader to build on and even imitate Scotney-Cavendish’s extensive trading experience.


Trading CFDs can seem difficult to the untrained eye, but Charles Scotney-Cavendish has done his best to make it as simple and clear as possible in his new book.

He writes in a direct and friendly style, which is ideal for those who want to learn in a way that’s authoritative without being patronizing. In the book, he shares a high level of detail, which means that there’s plenty to digest: from detailed information about the best CFD providers to precise and pinpointed information about prices and earnings levels, no stone is left unturned.

Though the book is described as offering a way to kick off a CFD trading career from a “standing start”, it’s wise to have a little bit of basic CFD knowledge before diving into this book – so it’s a good idea to avoid relying on it as a primer, and to instead see it as a handy companion to forming a CFD trading methodology.

It’s also important to remember that part of the book is devoted to trading on the AIM, which is the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange – so for those focused on CFDs, there may be some irrelevant information.

On the whole, this is a handy guide to have, and it’s especially ideal for those who like to see the numbers and learn about trading strategies in a deep and detailed way.



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