Become An Intelligent Investor & Make Money in Stock Market Continuously

Stock Market & Investing: Become An Intelligent Investor & Make Money in Stock Market Continuously 

By David Morales


Released as a bumper 3-in-1 edition, this box set of investment guides includes a selection of handy go-to books detailing how to embark on stock market trading for beginners. It centres around beginning strategies, and goes into more detail and more complicated terms later in the series. As comprehensive introductions go, readers could do worse than start here. It aims to provide confidence and stability for new traders to find their feet in the investing world.


Not every purchase of a book on CFDs will come in a pack of three, but this one does. Rounding up David Morales’ strong introductory series of books for beginners looking to take on the stock market, it includes a wide range of tools and strategies, all encompassed in an accessible format. This helps to take on all this new information at the same time.

Morales has the intent of showing his readers that investments are more worthwhile than putting money in a savings account, simply because inflation will usually account for more than it makes in the long term. If it makes less than a standard 2% a year, it probably will not be worth more than was put in there, in real terms.

This is why he champions trading as a safer method, especially if enough low-risk strategies are used to cover the spread with enough diversification, so not all the capital is allocated to higher risk investment mechanisms.

From discovering the basics of how to enter the stock market, to making money even if the stock purchased decides to plummet in value, there is a lot to contend with, and much of it will be useful to the novice trader.

Each book offers something a little different, with one focusing on trading, one on psychology, and the other on the technical terms that bring it all together, so it will be hard not to glean some knowledge from this.


Paperback: 390 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (30 May 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1720402248

ISBN-13: 978-1720402244