Autodesk CFD 2018 Black Book

  • By Luke Andresen

  • July 12, 2018
  • 12:00 am BST

Autodesk CFD 2018 Black Book 

By Gaurav Verma and Samar


This comprehensive guide is aimed at CFD trading beginners starting out in Autodesk CFD software. Design engineer expert Gaurav Verma covers every crucial aspect of this trading simulation software, specifically analyzing the equations of Fluid Dynamics theory. This Black Book is the first edition in a series of Autodesk CFD literature guides and tutorial modules.


This Autodesk guide gives readers a full overview of the Autodesk CFD software used in CFD trading. The focus on tools such as Flow Stimulation branches into detailed modules that cover Fluid Flow, Thermal Fluid Flow and Electronic Cooling. With a close look at these equations, students – whether engaging in formal studies or for personal education purposes – will be able to analyze the required processes used in this software.

Each topic is divided into its own chapter, which starts with an overview of the concept and its relativity to Autodesk CFD. Each topic focuses on an aspect of this analysis software, which includes tutorials and exercises. The modules can be used by both students and educators for the application and understanding of this trading multiphysics software.

Gaurav Verma is a mechanical design engineer who specializes in modules on skills for CAD, CAE and CAM programs, with over ten years of experience in both technical consulting for Indian government sectors and skill education programs and modules.

The Autodesk CFD 2018 Black Book is of a higher technical caliber than many beginner investors will be accustomed to, and therefore this guide may require extensive practice to master the concepts and topics discussed. With each edition to follow, the concepts will be studied more in depth. However, as this edition is only the first, investors who are looking to educate themselves will have to wait for the future editions to continue learning beyond the information provided in this edition.


ISBN 10: 1988722330

ISBN 13: 9781988722337

Publisher: The SolidWorks Flow Simulation, 2018; first edition

Publication Date:  April 16, 2018

Format: Paperback

Length: 292 pages

Language: English