A Self-study Guide to Becoming a Successful Currency Trader

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  • September 11, 2018
  • 12:38 am BST

The Forex Trading Course: A Self-study Guide to Becoming a Successful Currency Trader 

By Abe Cofnas


Aimed squarely at building someone up from complete novice to seasoned forex trader, this book from Abe Cofnas seeks to deliver the information that is required to build up confidence and hone the instincts necessary to enter the world of forex trading so that traders can implement their own successful forex trading strategies. 


Eschewing the typical guides to forex trading seen in many books, Abe Cofnas takes a different approach with The Forex Trading Course: A Self-study Guide to Becoming a Successful Currency Trader. Already in its second-edition format, Cofnas brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he seeks to impart on his readers.

Although there are many forex guides for beginners on the market, not all of them will position themselves as a self-study guide. Many may actually be of that ilk, but not all will try and attract those who want to study and learn everything themselves. For those who learn by doing, for the kinesthetic types among us, a guide such as this could easily find a broad appeal.

With practical courses set up to apply the knowledge picked up and a mix of both fundamental and technical analysis, the book looks at how to read high-probability markets, adjust trades based on market size and much more.

The second edition has been updated to address many real-life changes, including centralized market forces such as quantitative easing from central banks and federal reserves, as well as an interesting foray into mapping social media changes to make new insights into the market.


ISBN-10: 1118998650

ISBN-13: 978-1118998656

Format: Paperback and digital

Length: 240 pages

Publisher: Wiley US

Publication Date: 10 July 2015

Language: English