42 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started to Trade Stocks

42 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started to Trade Stocks, Forex, CFD

By Andrei Puscaragiu


Traders always need to learn from their own mistakes, but by also learning from the mistakes of other traders, their chances of success can be boosted significantly. In this book, experienced trader Andrei Puscaragiu tells readers about his own journey as a trader and flags up where he went wrong.


Andrei Puscaragiu is a trader with over ten years’ worth of experience, but he’s also worked in other financial trading industry roles such as business development, which means that this book is well-contextualized and fully informed.

The honesty shown by Puscaragiu in this book is a particular advantage. By reading his upfront accounts of his early (and expensive) mistakes and how he learned from them, traders both new and experienced can find out how to avoid doing the same things in their own trading career – which puts them ahead of the game.

More generally, this book also looks at some of the most common mistakes made by traders who are just starting out. This book isn’t specifically about CFDs, though, which does mean that there may be lots of extraneous information for traders who don’t have stocks or foreign exchange in their portfolio.

It also doesn’t provide a blueprint for a successful trading career as some books do, and it’s not a primer or explanatory text for a new starter – but it does provide vital information to integrate into a trading methodology.

For those traders who want to find out what to avoid rather than what to do, this book is a great choice.


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Publication Date: August 18, 2016

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