Forex Trading Strategy

  • By Carole Ann Furman

  • August 9, 2018
  • 1:26 am BST

CFDs: Forex Trading Strategy by Jamie “Pipshunter” Vegas


Jamie Vegas’ Forex Trading Strategy is a 225-page book that focuses on why as many as 95% of traders cannot make money and the countermeasures that traders can take to improve or make a profit. Vegas explains in his book that for many traders, utilizing common techniques and indicators has led to unsuccessful trading. The book also offers exclusive custom indicators and insider information.


Aimed at traders struggling to make a profit, Jamie Vegas’ Forex Trading Strategy makes a lot of promises. It starts with Vegas targeting the main reasons why a big number of traders do not make money and encourages them to veer away from popular and common indicators to avoid pitfalls. Vegas is candid and brutally honest when talking about brokers and their aim to take advantage of traders in terms of the fees they charge and their guarantees of huge profits. The book is a reflection of Vegas’ opinion about the trading world, but he thoroughly explains his viewpoint.

While what Vegas refers to as “the cold hard truth” is difficult to swallow, there are insights in this book that novice and advanced traders alike should look into. The only drawback is having to look past the promises of the book at the onset as it offers exclusive custom indicators and uses phrases like “the most powerful strategy,” “super profitable,” and the like.

The use of derogatory terms may also be a concern for many readers but if this word usage can pass for entertainment, readers are likely to get a few nuggets of important information. Due to the tone used by Vegas in his book Forex Trading Strategy, it is important for traders to take a look at another forex book review to see whether Vegas’ work is worth the money.


 ISBN-10: NA


Format: Kindle Edition

Length: 225 pages

Publisher:  NA

Publication Date: 2017

Language: English