• By Carole Ann Furman

  • August 7, 2018
  • 12:53 am BST

Forex: This Book Includes: Forex, Forex Strategies

By Jordon Sykes


Jordon Sykes has produced a well-written and accessible forex trading guide, and it’s definitely worth reading no matter what stage you’re at in your trading career. Unusual in that it focuses on more than just the standard strategies, there’s a lot for traders at all levels of experience to take from this book. It is, however, noticeably long, and it may be too long for those who require just a simple introduction.


A major selling point of this book is the emphasis that the author places on order execution tools, like stops and pending orders. With so many books in this market seeming to focus almost entirely on price action, technical indicators and other standard topics, this one provides an explanation of how these oft-overlooked tools can really benefit a trader.

Skyes also extols the virtues of taking a long, hard look at the global economic calendar as part of your trading decisions, which goes further than many of the standard technique books on the market do. As a result, traders who are interested in learning more about the operations of central banks – and their impact on the forex markets – will find this to be a useful and detailed resource.

This book is in some ways suitable for beginners, but it does contain a number of detailed explanations which might not be appropriate for those who don’t have a solid understanding of the forex world just yet.

At 88 pages, it’s also quite long. For these reasons, it may be best read as a follow-up to a more introductory book rather than as a primer in itself. Either way, there is a lot of valuable information for all traders to take away from this book.


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