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During the fast-moving and overly bullish markets of 2004-2007, the number of people trading CFDs managed to more than triple in size. Along with a rapidly growing market, a number of books about CFD Trading were written.

Jeff Cartridge and Ashley Jessen CFD Books

One of the original CFD trading books was written by Jeff Cartridge. Jeff wrote the book ‘Supercharge your trading with CFDs’, which was the most popular CFD book on the market.

Since then he went on to write a follow-up CFD book with myself titled ‘CFDs Made Simple‘.

CFDs Made Simple takes the trader through the basics of trading CFDs, Forex, Indices and Commodities. Also, readers get to learn about position sizing, Core CFD trading skills, Common trading mistakes and Strategies for Success and lots more.

Click here to go to the CFDs Made Simple website for full details and to purchase.

Eva Diaz’s CFD Books

Eva Diaz wrote ‘Real Traders, Real Lives, Real Money’, which was a series of interviews with successful CFD traders here in Australia. To follow this up, Eva went wrote another CFD book, aptly titled ‘Real Traders 2’. Eva documented how the top 10 place getters traded during a $100,000 trading competition, traded with real money. The $100,000 grand price was won by Dave Limburg, who has been trading the markets for many years. You can read Eva’s book review here.

David Land’s CFD Book

In amongst all of these great CFD books, David Land wrote his definitive guide to CFDs called ‘CFDs for Dummies’. Dave’s book is one of the most thorough books on the subject of trading CFDs and all the various products available to CFD traders. No stone has been left unturned in this volume.

Cat Davey’s CFD Books

Cat Davey was the early pioneer in CFD trading, writing the very first CFD book to hit the Australian shores.

Not resting on her laurels, Cat decided to write another book which was actually a trading diary of how she turned $13,000 into $30,000 in 3 months. During this time she had a number of ups and downs, which is brought to life by her excellent writing skills. A must read for those keen to see how real life trades are documented.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the most highly recommended Contracts for difference (CFD) books. Take your time and be sure to invest regularly in your education as a trader. It will certainly pay dividends down the track.


Book/Author/Key Areas Covered

Read Review

CFDs Made Simple by Jeff Cartridge & Ashley JessenKey Areas:
for Difference, Forex, Indices, Commodities, Psychology of trading, Foundation of trading


Eva Diaz Real Traders 2 Book
Real Traders 2 by Eva DiazKey Areas:
for Difference, CFDs, CFD market wizards, Interviews

Real Traders 2 book review available click here

Jeff Cartridge SuperCharge Your Trading
Supercharge your trading with CFDs by Jeff CartridgeKey Areas:
Trading Contracts for Difference, CFD
Strategies, Psychology, Risk

Supercharge your Trading with CFDs book review available click here

CFDs for Dummies by David LandKey Areas:
, Contracts for Difference, Indices, Commodities, Forex, CFD strategies, Pairs trading, Bonds & Interest rates

Purchase from this link:
CFDs For Dummies, Australian Edition

Cat Davey CFD Diary
Making money from CFD Trading by Cat DaveyKey Areas:
Trading, trading strategy, trading
diary, making money

Making Money from CFD Trading book review available click here

Cat Davey CFD Book
Contracts for Difference by Cat DaveyKey Areas:
Trading, trading strategy


CFDs – A trader guide to Contracts for Difference & Technical Analysis by
John JefferyKey Areas:
Trading, trading strategy,



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Disclaimer: Trading Contracts for Difference carry risk where you can lose more than what you start with. View our full disclaimer here.

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