Woolworths (WOW)

  • By Jeff Cartridge

  • June 15, 2015
  • 11:38 am BST

Woolworths on the ASX Stock Exchange

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Woolworths is one of the largest retail food outlets in Australia whose major competitor is Coles who are owned by Wesfarmers. Whilst Woolworths concentrates specifically on its supermarket operations it has significant interests among a range of other retail outlets including Caltex Woolworths cobranded service stations, Big W retail outlets, Powerhouse and Tandy, liquor outlets and Dick Smith.

On the liquor side of the business, Woolworths has a wide range of retail outlets including Dan Murphy, Beer Wine Spirits, first estate fine wines and Bailey and Bailey. Woolworths also operates the home shop and greengrocer food retailing stores and operate Ezy banking which offers a range of banking products backed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In addition to this Woolworths operates in excess of 190 stores in New Zealand under the name Foodland.

Many of you would have also filled up at one of their service stations which offers discount petrol to those who shop via their Woolworths outlets. They have always been at the forefront of offering incentives with cross merchandise opportunities and are recently looking to replace their paper petrol dockets with a card-based system. Woolworths also has investment interests in over 270 hotels.

Diversifying even further, Woolworth currently has in excess of 400 consumer electronic outlets under the various brand names such as Dick Smith electronics, Powerhouse and Tandy.

The share price of Woolworth has been one of the strongest up trending stocks over the last five years which has seen the share price more than triple in value from around $10 to $35. Even during the incredibly tough economic environment in 2008 and 09 the share price has simply consolidated. This just goes to show how well positioned Woolworths is moving to the future.

Woolworths Quick Facts (as of June 2015)

  • Chairman: Mr Ralph Waters
  • MD/CEO: Mr Grant O’Brien
  • Industry Group: Food & Staples Retailing
  • Shares on issue: 1,266,615,199
  • Market Cap: Over $34 Billion
  • www.woolworthslimited.com.au

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