The psychology behind successful day trading

  • By Carole Ann Furman

  • September 5, 2018
  • 11:28 pm BST

Day trading provides you with the opportunity to be self-employed, with the luxury of working remotely and on your own terms. With the technology and facilities available, this method of CFD or forex trading is accessible to everyone. However, this method requires a strategic mindset and educated trading. Here is a look at the characteristics that are essential to being profitable as a full-time day trader.

Remaining calm 

This applies to all types of trading, especially day trading. Failures and risks appear constantly in the trading industry, and when this is your main form of employment, the outcomes can be more dangerous than ever – particularly when using leverage. Nevertheless, your potential to succeed remains. By keeping calm and maintaining a clear head, you can overcome these potential scenarios. This can be done by assessing the risks and how they could affect you, then constructing ways to deal with this should it occur.

Ignore the influence of fellow traders

While it is beneficial to learn from the mistakes and successes of profitable traders, you should not allow other traders to influence your strategic decisions. These traders might be giving you advice from their own personal experience, but this is not always applicable to your strategies and situation. If you feel you need advice, it is best to approach a professional who can assess your situation and advise accordingly.

Practice patience

Trading requires a vast level of patience, regardless of the market or method used. The markets work according to their own time, and there is nothing you can do to influence that. A common mistake is trading out of impatience instead of waiting for a prime opportunity. This is risky and usually not profitable. As you gain experience, you will be able to recognize viable opportunities and learn how to remain patient while waiting for them. Intuition is extremely useful in trading, but impatient ideas should not be mistaken for intuitive decisions.

Monitor your stress levels 

The pressure of constantly monitoring the markets and the risk of missing something crucial can take its toll mentally. When pursuing a career in day trading, your trading strategies should include constant reassessment of your goals and the methods of reaching them. It’s good to take an objective approach when viewing your situation, without letting emotions influence your view. Your mindset is the greatest influence on your trading, so take the time to care for it.

Be flexible

Because the markets are constantly changing at any given time, your trading positions and plans need to be flexible. A good day trader is able to adapt to any situation instead of getting swept away in the volatility of it all. Being flexible with your trades requires an open mindset to change and a backup plan for any possible risks.

Follow through with your choice of market and trading times

Although it is important to be open to change, consistency is a valuable trait in day trading. Your market and time frame are two factors that you can control to some extent. Sticking to these choices allows you to grow and learn the conditions under which you will trade, thereby reducing the threat of large risks because you will know how to deal with them through experience.

Keep chasing your profits 

Successful decisions shouldn’t be doubted if you could have made larger gains. A profit is a profit, and there is the option to re-enter a trade should a trend continue further than expected. If a situation like this occurs often and you feel you are playing your trades too safe, analyze these trades and compose a technique to overcome this problem. More opportunities to profit will always present themselves, so accept your profit and keep trading.

As a day trader, your sights should always be set on your personal priorities and goals. With the right way of thinking, your actions will improve and success will increase.