Stock Trading Secrets Exposed

  • By Jeff Cartridge

  • June 16, 2015
  • 10:38 am BST

Stock Trading going nowhere and need a boost?

Finally the Holy Grail of Trading has arrived…

“Ex-banker reveals how to really turn $10K into $1.31 Million”

“Forex Auto Money System. Real way to make money”

“Up to 80% accurate market predictions”

“High probability, Low risk Trading & Pinpoint Accuracy. Find out how”

“$5,000 into $1Million? Is it possible? Yes, I did it! Learn from the top Options Trader”

What a load of B.S!

If you found yourself salivating over the headlines above and trying to click on them, then I’m afraid you are suffering from a serious bout of “Gotta-find-the-holy-grail-no-matter-how-rediculous-the-marketing-seems” itis.

Surely trading success is just a mouse click away and then for $97 we’ll be able to seriously contend for the richest investor on the planet and finally put Warren Buffett in his place.

If only it were that easy hey. Honestly, save your money and take your significant other out to a romantic dinner or treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Your money is going to be far better spent on those activities than on wild claims of incredible trading success.

So if it’s not possible to turn my $5,000 into $500,000 in 6 months then what are the real ‘trading secrets’ to trading success?

Grab a coffee…this could take some time and bring your credit card just in case! 50% off all trading secrets if you buy in the next 12 hours. stock trading secrets

If you are looking for trading secrets then you have come to the wrong place. Successful traders will tell you that there truly are no trading secrets, at least those that aren’t trying to flog a 188 page Ebook for $97 to unsuspecting punters.

Rather than looking for elusive trading secrets, spend your time developing a successful trading foundation that can be built upon year after year. Establish the key concepts to successful trading by studying the best trading minds in the world. The best place to start is by reading the Market Wizard series of books by Jack Schwager.

CFD specific trading books that interview the best CFD and forex traders in Australia are written by Eva Diaz. Eva Diaz interviewed a handful of successful CFD traders in her books “Real Lives Real Traders Real Money” and her latest book “Real Traders 2”. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

How to get it right from the start

Once you have established some trading foundations from the world’s best traders it’s time to get your head around some market basics.

  • In your first year of trading, set your goal to protect capital at all costs whilst undertaking your ‘apprenticeship’
  • Understand that reward is a function of risk and that the higher the return you seek is generally accompanied by higher risks
  • Identify your trading objectives and get clear on what you are looking to achieve with your trading
  • Build a trading plan based on your trading profile that establishes clear entry, exit and risk management rules
    Back test your system and identify that you have an edge (positive expectancy trading system)
  • Set up a trading journal that will form a large part of your trading evaluation
  • Get a trading coach/mentor and attend some personal development course

As you can see there are no realtrading secrets, just time tested philosophies that have been around since the turn of the century. In fact the best place to hide a secret is in a place that everyone can see it and so it is with the‘trading secrets’ mentioned above. They have been right in front of you all along.

Have you got pig headed deternination & persistence?

Nothing will take the place of pig headed determination, persistence and a positive attitude (if using a leverage product like CFDs then get your risk and money management in place too!) when it comes to long term trading success.

The time and Financial Freedom enjoyed by the world’s best traders indicates that being persistent and hanging in there is well worth the heart ache and pain in those early years.

Trade Smart.

Learn is dedicated to helping traders of all levels discover simple and effective trading strategies. We primarily focus on developing a solid trading foundation that sets the platform for long term trading success.