Wesfarmers (WSF)

  • By Jeff Cartridge

  • June 15, 2015
  • 11:29 am BST

Wesfarmers on the ASX Stock Exchange

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Wesfarmers Ltd is one of Australia’s largest food and staples retailing companies whose interests include supermarkets, specialty department stores, general merchandise, liquor outlets, fuel stations, office supplies, home improvement, gas and distribution processing, electricity generation, insurance, coalmining, chemicals and fertilisers and industrial and safety product distribution.

Nearly every six Australian citizen would have shopped in one Wesfarmers retail outlets being Coles, Coles liquor, 1st choice liquor superstores, Vintage cellars and fuel and convenience stores.

On the retail front Wesfarmers owned a number of outlets including target which has 270 locations across Australia and Kmart which has in excess of 180 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Not stopping there, Wesfarmers also has investment interests in Bunnings and Officeworks which are both the largest retail outlets in their sector and provide some of the greatest bargains in that industry.

There are other interests are not quite as mainstream however generate a good steady cash flow and that being their resource and energy and insurance product lines. Their resource and energy Holdings comprise four gas businesses, are power generation business and support services.

Unfortunately 2008 has been a rollercoaster ride from highs around the $40 mark to the recent lows in 2009 of $15. Prior to that Westfield Group had a significant consolidation from the start of 2005 to 2008 between the levels of 35 and $45. This consolidation period would have driven any investor to the point of distraction.

Wesfarmers Quick Facts (as of June 2015)

  • Chairman:Mr Bob Every
  • MD/CEO: Mr Richard Goyder
  • Industry Group: Food & Staples Retailing
  • Shares on issue: 1,125,374,021
  • Market Cap: Over $46 Billion
  • www.wesfarmers.com.au

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