The Million Dollar Forex Setup

  • By Learn CFDs

  • August 9, 2018
  • 8:01 pm BST

CFDs: The Million Dollar Forex Setup

By Jeffrey Alan Brandzel and Raghee Horner


A well-known name in the world of forex trading, Raghee Horner and joint-author Jeffrey Alan Brandzel take their readers through the success story of Horner’s personal forex trading career and aim to show how anyone can benefit from using these strategies. This book is a handy read for those looking for relatable stories as well as technical information.


With a foreword from Investor Business Daily’s Peter McKenna, the singing of praises for Horner already begins on the first page of the book. With a strong trading acumen and the authoring of two previous successful books – Forex on Five Hours a Week and How to Make Money on Your Own Time – this book removes the barriers and potential mystique of complex trading strategies through real-life anecdotes and success stories.

Through discipline, hard work and an ability to learn from mistakes, this book shows its readers that anyone can find success in forex trading and turn it into something more than just a hobby or side initiative.

With a focus on the use of charts, as well as trial and error formats, The Million Dollar Forex Setup assesses the need for checklists to properly measure performance, critiques what does and does not go so well in each trading day and finds the key learning components from each outcome to hone trading instincts and find greater success each time.

In addition to authoring books, Horner is also known for writing articles for many investment websites, and she also offers courses, live training and webinars, where she discusses the latest market trends and indicators.

For those looking to read about the subject and read something more than just technical information, this could prove to be a particularly interesting resource.



Format: Digital

Length: 255 pages

Publisher: InTouch Trading, LLC

Publication Date: 14 October 2009

Language: English