The Forex ”Set & Forget” Profit System

The Forex ”Set & Forget” Profit System: It is VERY DIFFICULT TO LOSE with this extremely reliable trading system

By Mark Boardman


Mark Boardman is an expert in his field, and his book reflects his dedication to trading and to helping other traders. However, it’s important to take the claims he makes with a pinch of salt. No trading system is so good that it’s hard to lose, and it still takes plenty of time and energy to build up a successful trading practice.


Mark Boardman’s book is a great introduction to one method of forex trading, and it’s especially handy for those who are looking to specialize in a certain method.

Boardman has plenty of experience in the forex world, and he’s been a forex teacher for a long time. One of his projects includes an online trading room service in which he provides lots of handy video content chronicling each of his trades, so he knows his subject area and his audience well.

Despite these positives and the clear dedication and expertise of the author, there are a few drawbacks to Boardman’s book. The promises he makes in it – notably that it’s hard to lose a trade once his system has been implemented – may well be true when it comes to his own experiences, but it’s worth remembering that not everybody has this kind of success with trading.

For new traders, in particular, it’s wise to always bear in mind that no trading method is risk-free or even relatively risk-free and that a sustainable trading program takes time to develop. Boardman does point out that there’s still a strong element of dedication required, but this book should really be read with a touch of caution.


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