The Best Techniques to Multiply Your Cash Flow with Forex Trading 

By Samuel Rees


This Forex guide by Samuel Rees is aimed at those looking to profit from Forex trading. The purpose of the book is to show traders that they do not need large capital or special connections. Instead, all a trader needs are some money, a trading account and several effective techniques, which can be learned in this book. Investors can hereby simplify trades while learning the methods to increase profits.


Forex Trading: The Best Techniques to Multiply Your Cash Flow with Forex Trading is a strategy and tactic guidebook that leads traders through several necessary steps in order to improve potential success. Most new traders might be under the impression that it takes an expert with a great amount of capital to make money from the foreign exchange market. However, Rees shows traders that this is not always the case and that with the right understanding and planning, any Forex traders can be fruitful in their trades.

Rees explores topics such as the various markets, the use of liquidity and leverage while trading, how the exchange rate systems function and how to interpret economic data. Furthermore, this guide allows traders to combine all of this new-found knowledge to compile personal strategies, gain advice on choosing a broker and learn several key pieces of advice for every Forex trader.

Samuel Rees is a businessman who has written more than seven trading guides on Forex, options, day trading and cryptocurrency trading. He has combined personal knowledge and experience with research to create a detailed guide on Forex trading, stressing the simplicity with which an investor should trade. In addition, his guide gives carefully constructed, yet brief, strategies which traders can implement to multiply their profits. Rees aims to help everyday Forex traders reach a skill level where they can compete with the economy, large corporations and banks, with the opportunity of being as successful as any expert or experienced trader.  


ISBN-10: 1540563553

ISBN-13: 978-1540563552

Format: Paperback

Length: 44 pages

Publisher: Independent Publisher

Publication date: 22 November 2016

Language: English