The $10 Forex Trader: How to trade with small sums

By Mulonda Singongi


Mulonda Singongi sets out his stall early to allow his readers to discover the techniques to trade with small sums and still get results. With a comprehensive guide to achieving more with less, this is the perfect book for those who want to begin forex trading without large initial investment but are not yet sure where to begin.


With over 12 years of experience at Indo Zambia Bank as an expert on forex, Mulonda Singongi used his experience as the Head of Forex Treasury Back Office to collect all the tips and tricks to trade forex with low sums and compile it all into one handy book.

With the ability to navigate all the initial hurdles that can put off even the most experienced of investors from entering new markets such as forex (when used to bonds and securities trading, for example), this book allows the reader to dismiss many of the initial worries that come with forex trading.

Without paying exorbitant deposits and fretting over the immediate success of first market forays, the reader is able to start small and enjoy many of the aspects of forex trading. By allowing just a $10 entry, these problems can easily become less of a concern than if a couple of zeroes were added to the end of the initial fee.

 The $10 Forex Trader: How to trade with small sums will enable readers of any level of financial understanding to find a surer footing in the world of forex, and learn how to efficiently trade with small amounts.


Format: Kindle

Length: 28 pages

Publication Date: June 8, 2017

Language: English