QBE Insurance Group (QBE)

  • By Jeff Cartridge

  • June 15, 2015
  • 10:46 am BST

QBE Insurance Group on the ASX Stock Exchange

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Is it time to Buy, Sell or Hold QBE Insurance Group (QBE)?

QBE is one of the world’s largest insurance companies providing general insurance and reinsurance services in

  • Australia
  • The Pacific
  • Asia
  • The Americas &
  • Europe

In Australia, The pacific, Asia and central Europe, QBE provides all the key lines of insurance cover for commercial and personal risks to 24 countries in this region.

In America the main operations are managed out of New York and cover both reinsurance and general insurance to regions such as Panama, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

In Europe QBE provides diversified general insurance and reinsurance operations in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

QBE’s investment arm is handled in house with only around 2% of the investments being outsourced. In January 2008 QBE Insurance signed an agreement to acquire North Point Holdings for $US146 Million. North Point Holdings Corporation is a NASDAQ listed property and casualty insurer.

QBE Insurance Group Quick Facts (as of June 2015)

  • Chairman: Mr Marty Becker
  • CEO: Mr John Neal
  • Industry Group: Insurance
  • Shares on issue: 1,369,195,786
  • Market Cap: Over $19 Billion
  • www.qbe.com.au

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