Naked Forex

Naked Forex: the simple daily strategy that will change the way you trade, forever by Lorraine Pierce


In this book, Lorraine Pierce gives a brief overview of the essential information needed to implement a specific forex trading strategy that she has personally tried, tested and found to be profitable in the long term. This is a Kindle short read, falling into the category of Kindle books designed to take 30 minutes or less to read.


As you would expect from a book designed to be read in under 30 minutes, this is a short, to-the-point read and not much longer than an in-depth, long-form article. The author covers the details of one specific trading strategy that can be implemented by anyone without a lot of knowledge and without the use of technical indicators.

It would not be appropriate to reveal in a forex book review the exact strategy discussed, but be aware that this is not a ‘secret’ or ‘magic’ strategy. It has been around for a while, and those experienced in forex and CFD trading will not find any kind of special insight in this book, although for brand new traders, it gives a useful overview and some supplementary advice and tips.

The author suggests all new traders try out this strategy with a demo account, which is sound advice with any forex or CFD trading strategy. She also takes a realistic view, pointing out that forex trading is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and that losses as well as wins are not just to be expected but somewhat of a rite of passage in the forex trading world.

The author claims that, once refined, this strategy should take around ten minutes a day. That, combined with the short length of the book, makes this a book aimed at the busy, time-strapped new forex trader.



Format: Kindle

Length: 12 pages

Publisher: Harriman House Ltd

Publication Date: 8 April 2016

Language: English