Make Money Online

Make Money Online – Investing & Retirement Planning, With Forex Trading Strategies 

By Gary Broadbent


This Forex trading guide, written by Gary Broadbent, is a look inside the Forex market, what a trader should be doing and the mistakes to avoid. It is loaded with strategies that aim to increase profits and bring success to traders even when it may not seem possible. Broken down into four chapters, Broadbent covers typical Forex failures, success strategies and analysis methods for beginner traders and those looking for further education in the market.


Forex: Make Money Online – Investing & Retirement Planning, With Forex Trading Strategies, is written for new traders in the industry who want to trade in the foreign currency markets to gain profits. This book is divided into four chapters that cover the basics that beginner Forex traders should know to maximize profits and minimize losses. Broadbent approaches the field of Forex with the idea that traders might think it impossible to make money early in their trading career, but that it is indeed possible with the right methods.

The author is experienced in Forex trading and has written this book to guide others through the struggles he has faced in the industry. The goal of this book is to act as a reference for the key points of information when trading with foreign currencies, particularly when it comes to dodging common errors made by many traders.

The book will reveal common mistakes made in Forex trading and how to avoid them, as well as insight into methods of making money by Forex trading. This guide then goes on to two strategies that can be beneficial in trading: Candlestick patterns and Scalping. These chapters teach traders how to study the market and market patterns, how to use the strategy of scalping to their advantage and make wiser trading choices overall.

Although the book is short, it contains useful information. However, the level of information is limited and may not cover all the necessary details for full understanding and personal implementation.



Format: Kindle edition

Length: 28 pages

File size: 663 KB

Publisher: Resolute Minds Publishing

Publication date: 19 June 2015

Language: English